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Buggy Class
Baptiste Buggy Icon
Buggies have a low center of gravity, moderate top speeds and responsive rugged suspensions.
Max Speed 90-110 mph
Horsepower 120-150 bhp
Braking 70-0 in 200-230 feet
Curb Weight 1500-2000 pounds
Acceleration 0-60 in 5.5-7.0 sec
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Buggy cars are off-road vehicles used on sand dunes and beaches. In this game, they are raced in Egypt and Easter Island. Midway through, they are replaced by Dakars, a faster alternative to buggies. 

1997 Manual Description Edit

Buggies have low centers of gravity, ample torque, and responsive, rugged suspensions. Equipped for rough off-road racing, these rear-wheel drive vehicles power through sand, mud, and shale.

Overview Edit

Dune buggies appear in six levels, making them the second least common vehicles in the game. They are raced three times in Egypt and twice in Easter Island. The buggy's top speed ranges from 100 to 125 mph. All buggy races contain two laps in dry weather.

Buggies are also available in Scotland 7, a mountain track for rally cars. All eight buggies are common dune buggies with no known manufacturer or name. However, they are still divided equally into clear pairs, being similar in appearance and other characteristics.

Buggy TypesEdit

Baptiste and Ivanov are heavyweights, with fair top speed and handling. They tend to be resilient and quick, with the ability to recover quickly from attacks.

Morgen and Lumiere are middleweights, with high top speed and good handling. They tend to be extremely stable, but inflexible at the same time.

Ahmed and Roberts are middleweights, with reasonable top speed and tricky handling. Roberts has a higher top speed than Ahmed, and both vehicles tend be vulnerable when attacked.

Xu and Rossi are featherweights. They are light and quick with excellent handling, but are easily overwhelmed by other vehicles.


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