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Dakar Class
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These four-wheel-drive, truck-like racers have good handling and hold the road well, but they are easier to roll.
Max Speed 120-140 mph
Horsepower 200-300 bhp
Braking 70-0 in 185-210 feet
Curb Weight 2100-2500 pounds
Acceleration 0-60 in 5.5-7.0 sec
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Dakars are a faster alternative to Buggies for sand terrains. They are only available from mid-level onwards in Egypt and Easter Island, as well as Hong Kong 7, a predominantly concrete track with a small stretch of sand.

1997 Manual Description Edit

These four-wheel drive, resilient racers offer terrain-gripping handling. Boasting faster top speeds and higher chassis than buggies, they require experienced drivers to maintain control and prevent rolling.

Overview Edit

Dakars appear in total eight levels, which is one less than sports cars. Their top speed range is between 120 to 140 mph. Dakars replace buggies in the third level of Easter Island, whereas in Egypt they first appear on the fourth.

Dakars are more flexible and versatile than dune buggies, but somewhat less forgiving. Like buggies and rallies, the in-game Dakars are divided into clear pairs, being similar in overall physical appearance and driving experience.

Dakar TypesEdit

Baptiste and Ivanov share models of Mitsubishi Pajeros (T3). Their Dakars are heavy and fast, with extremely difficult handling. They tend to roll easily, despite having excellent attack-resistance.

Xu and Roberts resemble the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16. They are slightly heavy, with fair top speed and slow acceleration. Xu's vehicle feels more flexible than Roberts, but it is more susceptible to attacks.

Morgen and Ahmed resemble the Citroën ZX. They are light and fast, with reasonably good handling. Morgen is better for attacks and handling, while Ahmed makes choice for speed.

Lumiere and Rossi feature Toyota Land Cruisers. They are extreme lightweights with high top speeds, but are very wobbly with high centers of gravity.


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