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Egypt 5
Egypt5 Xu Dakar 01
Class Dakar
Weather Sunset
Laps 3
Lap Length 7.5 miles
Direction 1
Top AI Morgen
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Egypt 5 is a three-lap Dakar race featuring the bumpy stretch. It is raced in sunset weather in the first direction.

The track is similar to Egypt 3, except most of the bumpy stretch can be skipped with a shortcut. As the Dakar is more flexible, the player can hop over the shortcut's barrier and take the original route of the Non-Deadly Ramp.

The Valley of the Kings has its barriers removed, making it possible for cars to fall off and retire from the race. This area is now referred as the barrierless stretch. There are also no barriers on the S-turn, and all cars will scale up two hills instead of taking the U-turns.

Starting PositionsEdit

1 Baptiste 2 Ahmed 3 Roberts 4 Lumiere
5 Ivanov 6 Xu 7 Rossi 8 Morgen


In Egypt 5, Dakars compete in an action-packed race with danger zones surrounding the bumpy and barrierless stretches. Players will see the more aggressive side of their fellow opponents, who are programmed to drive at maximum speed in the first lap. The pace will become slower and slower as the race progresses, due to opponents either slowing down after Lap 1 or falling Out on their own at the barrierless stretch.

In Egypt 5, there is a shortcut that allows 70% of the bumpy stretch to be skipped. This shortcut is blocked off by a barrier, which the player must hop over in order to cut. Because the jump must be performed precisely, it is highly possible to plunge over the hill and fall Out. Therefore, the player should only attempt taking the shortcut in Lap 1, as this would avoid the risk of losing too much progress in Lap 2 or 3.

Although the player is likely to fall behind early in the race, the only opponent to concern over is AI Morgen. The player should have no problem overtaking the HomeTrackers later in the race, as they will have slowed down drastically over the course of two laps. Rossi is a frequent casualty at the barrierless stretch, leaving only Morgen as the major threat in Egypt 5.


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