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Rally Class
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The four-wheel-drive Rally cars accelerate strongly and have good top speeds, along with excellent handling.
Max Speed 130-150 mph
Horsepower 300-400 bhp
Braking 70-0 in 150-170 feet
Curb Weight 1900-2200 pounds
Acceleration 0-60 in 3.5-4.0 sec
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Rally cars are the most common vehicles in Grand Tour Racing '98. They are raced in all six levels of Scotland & Switzerland, and are the only car types to appear in two extra levels.

1997 Manual Description Edit

Sophisticated and strong, the four-wheel-drive rally vehicles accelerate rapidly through inclement weather conditions, from thunderstorms to blizzards. These cars provide solid top speeds and excellent handling.

Overview Edit

Rally cars appear in 14 levels, with 12 of them in Scotland and Switzerland. Their top speed range in Scotland is between 100 and 130 mph, whereas in Switzerland, they can easily reach 140 mph in all six levels. Rally cars are also featured one-time in Moscow and Easter Island.

The in-game rally cars are designed to race through stormy and snowy conditions. They are paired by both physical appearance and driving experience, but their resemblances are not as obvious as those of Dakars.

Rally Car Types Edit

Roberts and Lumiere are European Ford Escorts. They are middleweight cars with good top speeds and handling, but slow acceleration. They tend to spin out easily when attacked.

Ahmed and Rossi resemble the Subaru Impreza. They are the fastest and lightest pair, with reasonably good handling. However, they are unstable as they tend to suffer badly during combat.

Ivanov and Xu, despite having similar characteristics, do not physically resemble each other. Ivanov replicates the Lancia Delta, while Xu shares the model of the Maxi Mégane. Both cars provide low top speeds, but excellent handling and middleweight stability.

Baptiste and Morgen closely resemble the Toyota Celica (Baptiste uses the ST205 with modified front lights and Morgen uses the ST185). They are heavyweights with high top speeds and good offensive stability. However, their handling is tricky.

Rally Car GalleryEdit


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