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Scotland 4
Scotland4 Xu Rally Baptiste Carcass
Class Rally
Weather Sunny
Laps 3
Lap Length 5.5 miles
Direction 1
Top AI


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Scotland 4 lets rally cars onto the newly-opened, two-way forest. This route opens at the start where cars drive straight instead of making the left. After the forest, there is a sharp turn which leads cars back onto the original track.

This level is known for its high difficulty, as it is one where all AI opponents drive at maximum speed throughout the race. In the Total Drivin' and Gekisou versions, the HomeTrackers will slow down in the final lap.

Starting PositionsEdit

1 Roberts 2 Lumiere 3 Ahmed 4 Baptiste
5 Xu 6 Rossi 7 Morgen 8 Ivanov


Scotland 4 is one of the most difficult levels in the game. To stand any chance at winning, the human player must drive a race where they cannot afford to make any major mistakes. A perfect driving accuracy is vital because the dominant AI, Ahmed, Rossi, and Roberts, will mess up only a few times during the race.

In the beginning, the player will encounter a series of crashes from the weak AI. It is advised to overtake them as quickly and cleanly as possible. The player should hope to escape the forest with Rossi and Ahmed jammed behind, while making sure Roberts doesn't break too far ahead. Roberts tends to crash more often than Rossi and Ahmed, but he is clearly the fastest of the three.

Some AI opponents, notably Baptiste, are known to drive so poorly that they risk being lapped by the race leaders. If the human player seeks a challenge, he or she may attempt to help the weak AI to win the race. However, this challenge is highly improbable as the player must always hold first place and prevent the top AI from taking over.


  • This level has the largest performance range among the AI.
  • It takes about seven minutes for AI Baptiste to finish the race.


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