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Switzerland 6
Switzerland6 Ivanov Xu Baptiste Rally
Class Rally
Weather Snow
Laps 3
Lap Length 6.6 miles
Direction 1
Top AI IvanovXu,
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Switzerland 6 is a snowy, three-lap race for rally cars. It is the sixth and final level of the Switzerland locale. The track has now absent barriers on three areas, making it possible cars to fall Out into the lake.

In this race, there is a major shortcut that allows the player to bypass the long winding road. This is the largest and most convenient shortcut in the game, but also the riskiest, as the player can easily fall Out when trying to squeeze back onto the main track.

This level is available in Split-Screen mode where it is renamed Switzerland B.

Starting PositionsEdit

1 Lumiere 2 Roberts 3 Xu 4 Ivanov
5 Baptiste 6 Ahmed 7 Rossi 8 Morgen


Switzerland 6 is the only race in Switzerland to have open Out Zones surrounding the track. The additional snow and aggressive AI also make this level more challenging than the previous levels. High speeds and poor handling are obvious liabilities, as the roads are extremely icy compared to Switzerland 5's track.

The AI opponents in this level are more aggressive, but this could easily lead to them sabotaging each other off the open stretches. Other poor drivers, especially AI Baptiste, are prone to falling Out on their own, often crashing Out on the first stretch in Lap 1. Ivanov and Xu are the dominant AI as their cars provide the moderate top speed and excellent handling needed to succeed this race.

As long as the player is careful on the open stretches, this level shouldn't be too difficult, as there is a 1.6-mile shortcut which the player may use more than once per race. The shortcut is the original route from Switzerland 1 to 3, and the player must bypass the U-turn from the right side in order to take it. With so many Out Zones surrounding the track, the player is also welcome to attempt a Rampage, to knock all seven opponents Out of the race.


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