GTR98 Wiki


Team Nicknames

Baptiste + Ahmed (any car) = Red Cars

Ivanov + Xu + Baptiste (any car) = Rampage Kings

Rossi + Morgen (any car) = Non-HomeTrackers

Lumiere + Rossi (Dakar) = Hollow Dakars

Roberts + Xu (Dakar) = Twins

Baptiste + Ivanov (Dakar) = Candy Canes

Lumiere + Roberts (Sports) = Lumiere Bros

Roberts + Lumiere (Rally) = Roberts Bros

Xu + Rossi (Buggy) = Featherweights

Roberts + Ahmed (Buggy) = Spiders

Baptiste + Ivanov (Buggy) = Jumpers

Roberts + Rossi + Ahmed in Scotland 4 = Top Three

Morgen Sports = Acrobaticar

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