Scotland 7 is the extra level. It is raced with dune Buggies on a track identical to Scotland 1.

Scotland 1. That doesn't sound good.

This level is the lamest extra track in the game. Why not use Scotland 6's track with Buggies?

Choosing Baptiste or Ivanov won't allow players to contend, as their top speeds are too slow on the concrete road. This also means they are Underdogs as AI opponents. (They are usually the strongest AI).

Underdog Challenge: Help Baptiste & Ivanov.

We are officially one week into Koop's Top 42 Races. Here is the Bottom 8.

Seven sunny races, three L1s, and five intro levels.

35 Scotland 7 36 Scotland 1 37 Easter Island 1 38 Switzerland 3
39 Egypt 1 40 Easter Island 3 41 Hong Kong 2 42 Hong Kong 3
Scotland7 Xu Buggy 01

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